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October 23, 2020

Supporting your Child’s Transition Back to Face to Face Learning

By Param Kaur, SASFV Family Support Worker

Back to School after Lockdown

Our children, and ourselves have spent a long time in lockdown at home. Our children and ourselves, have had to adjust to home schooling and have had to get used to being isolated
from their classmates. Now, we all have to go through a similar adjustment going back to school. Our children will be getting used to going to school, having face-to-face classes, and
seeing all of their friends again, while you will be getting used to getting your kids ready for school and doing drop-offs and pickups again. Getting back into these routines will take your
children and you a little bit of getting used to. Everyone will experience this journey differently, but hopefully these tips will help you make this a positive experience for your

Feelings…So Many Feelings

You and your children are probably experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions in the journey back to school.

Excitement. Anxiety. Impatience. Frustration. Relief. Hope. Nervousness.

Ask your child what feeling they are feeling and talk to them about your own.
Remember when talking to your child about their feelings:

1. Address the child at their eye level – it puts you on equal standing, so you are not above them or looking down on them.
2. Don’t push too hard – if you child is nervous, anxious or starting to cry, they are not ready to talk, so wait a bit longer.
3. Stay Calm, breathe and ask again when it feels right.


Reassure your child that this feeling is normal.

Remind them that all their friends, and even YOU are having these feelings.

This reassurance gives your child more confidence that what they are feeling is not bad and they are not alone.

So, what do these conversations sound like?
Here are some examples of how you might start a conversation about how your child is
feeling about going back to school:

“I can see that you are really brave and I’m right her with you.”
“Remember that playground you like so much at school? You can play on it again.”

“Let’s think who else might be there today. (Name a few of his/her friends). Are you looking forward to playing with them again?”

“I believe your teacher might have new greetings style, maybe you would like to show them how we greet without hugging”

“Remember, your teacher knows that they can call me if they need to”

As you have these conversations and reassure them that you in this together, your child will slowly become more comfortable and open and will allow conversation to flow.

Just Remember…The 3 Ks

Keep Listening. Keep Calm. Keep Reassuring

The COVID-19 journey has been challenging for families, but if we keep calm, keep listening to each other, and reassure each other we will move, one small step at a time, towards happy and healthy relationships.

You and your child’s wellbeing are what is most important. So, take your time, stay calm and positive and reach out for assistance if you need it.