Programs – Sikh Australian Support for Family Violence (SASFV)
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Healthy Families Healthy Relationships

Healthy Families, Healthy Relationships (HFHR) is a community education program developed by SASFV Director Jasbir Singh Suropada, that aims to equip families with knowledge and techniques for developing and maintaining healthy relationships within their families.

The HFHR program works with the whole family, rather than just focusing on men or women, and by having each member of the family participate in the program, we are building the entire family’s capacity to achieve healthier relationships. The holistic family-centred approach of HFHR is specifically designed to contribute to the prevention of family violence occurring within the family group.

The program will explore topics such as gender equality, building respectful relationships and communication, family violence awareness, positive parenting techniques and managing family conflict.

The HFHR program is designed to be run face-to-face over three x 3hr sessions, with each session held 1-2 weeks apart. The program is delivered in a safe and comfortable setting and is tailorable to specific community needs and faiths, it is also facilitated by SASFV trained Cross Cultural Volunteer Community Educators who speak community languages.

Because of the adaptability of the program we are able to engage community members in a genuinely culturally safe way, which leads to better trust and engagement in the program and the achievement of sustainably healthier relationships as a result.

If you are a community group or faith-based organisation and interested in having a Healthy Families, Healthy Relationships Workshop Series with your congregation or community then Get in touch with SASFV today.

Train the Trainer

SASFV’s Train the Trainer Program is a specifically designed program that trains volunteers to become Volunteer Community Educators for our Healthy Families, Healthy Relationships Program.

Train the Trainer works with volunteer community members who are interested in facilitating our HFHR program and equips them with the skills and knowledge to be able to deliver the HFHR program confidently and efficiently for the communities they are working with.

Volunteer Community Educators develop knowledge in the areas covered in the HFHR program, being gender equality, building respectful relationships and communication, family violence awareness, positive parenting techniques and managing family conflict. They also develop the skills to present and facilitate the HFHR workshops to a community group, with the support of SASFV program managers.

Prospective Volunteer Community Educators can expect to attend an information session and undergo an interview prior to engaging in the Train the Trainer program. They will then complete the training over two 3.5hr face-to-face sessions.

Volunteer Community Educators are then expected to run 3 complete HFHR programs with 3 different community groups over a 12-month period. Volunteer Community Educators are encouraged to engage a community group they are familiar with through their networks, but SASFV program managers will provide marketing and promotional support in getting participants to attend HFHR workshops.

If you are a interested in becoming a Volunteer Community Educator with the SASFV Healthy Families, Healthy Relationships program or want to know more about participating in the Train the Trainer program Get in touch with SASFV today.