TIER Response Program – Sikh Australian Support for Family Violence (SASFV)
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Supporting victims of family violence through our TIER Response Program.

Often being the first point of call, as a culturally safe and trusted service, SASFV staff speak community languages and are well trained in being able to support clients experiencing family violence situations. SASFV staff have a comprehensive knowledge of the service system and can provide information and empower clients, through a simpler more accessible referral process, to seek and obtain the support that they need. SASFV provide a phone and online service for victims or perpetrators to call when they are experiencing or have experienced family violence and are not sure of how or where to seek support. We are then able to respond to clients through our TIER Response Program:

Building trust with the client
The first and most important step to being able to support a client on their journey is for our staff to build and maintain a trusting relationship with them. Our staff understand that building this trust takes as long as it takes, and that it is imperative that this journey moves at a pace that the client is comfortable.


Sharing information with the client

Once trust has been established, our staff actively listen to a client’s full story, aiming to empathise with client experience and collect information that is relevant to determining the support needs of the client. Our staff are then able to provide accurate and individualised information to their clients that will adequately support them on their journey.

Empowerment and Counselling

Empower the client to achieve their goals

Our staff empower and build the capability of our clients to take the steps they need to achieve their individual goals. We do this through by listening to their stories, providing them with information about and access to services and supports and providing them with support throughout their entire journey, therefore reducing the barriers that clients may face when seeking support for family violence related issues.


Warm refer clients to services that meet their needs

When the client is ready, our staff will connect them to the services that are most relevant to their individual needs through a warm referral process using SASFVs existing connections and networks. This may include scheduling and attending appointments with clients and following up with clients and services to ensure client needs are being met.